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I have been meaning to purchase a canner for a while. Last year during produce season, I actually got all the way to Wal-mart, purchased a water-bath canner, brought it home, and tried to set it up. I was doing some research online, and realized that water bath canners are not recommended for use on flat-top stoves if they do not have a completely flat bottom, or if they overlay the burner. Well, darn. The particular one I bought did both. I returned it, and didn’t think about it again, until recently. Recently, my husband and I commited to eating 90% of our diet locally produced in North Carolina. Now it’s not so easy to put off, since we will be relying on produce in-season, and what we can preserve. This will probably be much better for us anyway, since store-bought cans leach BPA into your food, which can interfere with hormonal signals in your body

Enter, the All-American Pressure Canner. This thing is colossal, the Rolls Royce of pressure canners. 


 Sure, you can go with a Presto canner and pay half the price, but I did quite a lot of research and decided on this one because I feel like it will last a lot longer. It doesn’t have gaskets, which means I will never have to replace gaskets. On the Presto canner and a bunch of other less expensive canners, gaskets are what causes the canner to seal shut so the pressure can build up inside. They are made of rubber. You have to have these things checked every year to make sure your canner is still safe. You don’t have to do that with the All-American. It has a metal-to-metal seal that needs nothing more than some lubrication (i.e., olive oil). Then you simply screw the top down with the screws shown above.

It also has raving reviews on Amazon

We ended up going with the 21.1 quart, which can hold 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars. Also, you can use it as either a water-bath canner OR a pressure canner, whichever is more convenient. The first thing I canned was beets, and I just went ahead and did pressure canning since I wanted to try it out that way, but I could have easily done a water bath can as well.

When we got the product booklet, I was looking through some of the recipes, and starting wondering why I hadn’t gotten one of these earlier. I could cook the beets themselves in 12-18 minutes!! That’s ridiculous! I actually boiled them first because I hadn’t gotten the box open yet, and it took me about an hour. The biggest shock, though, is meat. I could cook a chuck roast in 12-15 minutes per pound. I just cooked one of those 3 days ago, and it was 2 pounds, and it took me 3 hours, not even joking. I could cook that sucker in 30 minutes?! I am definitely going to have to try this out, because I am a working mom, and sometimes I don’t have hours to cook dinner. Okay, most of the time.

Check out the beets that I canned the other day. 


It was a lot easier than I was expecting. Anyway, I would highly recommend buying one of these, whether you are canning or if you want to pressure cook foods to shorten cooking times. Although if you are just looking for the pressure cooking part, you probably don’t need one quite so big, so you might want to check out a less expensive option. But if you are going to be doing a lot of canning of fresh produce this summer, you will probably make up for the purchase price just within the first year. 






Here is the link to the product I purchased. Note that this website offers free shipping, and this is a heavy item, so this is a good price if you consider that:

All-American Pressure Canner/Cooker, Model 921 – 21.5 quart – $258.95

Top-rated canner.

If this review was helpful to you, please share it with a friend! Even if you don’t buy by clicking through from this site, I think this is an excellent product, and I would love to see more people doing home preserving to avoid BPA from metal cans.

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