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CocoKefir and CocoYo Review and GIVEAWAY!

Disclaimer: CocoKefir, LLC sent me a free 4-pack of CocoYo and CocoKefir to review and try, and in addition offered to sponsor a giveaway. In addition, I am an affiliate of the CocoKefir program and if you click a link from this website and buy the product, I will receive a modest commission, and you… Read More »

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Vitamin D, Osteoporosis Vitamin? Or Something Else?

Vitamin D…is it the new Calcium? There’s no question that your body needs Calcium AND vitamin D to make strong bones, but I’ve seen some health care professionals recommend that we ALL take calcium supplements, especially after menopause, to prevent bones from becoming brittle. The issue is, recently studies have shown that the supplemental calcium… Read More »

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Best Probiotics for Kids & Children

This is part of my FAQ Series. Disclosure: I use affiliate links in this post, and if you click through this site and buy any of these products, I will receive a commission, and you will be supporting this website and all the hard work and research I do. Thank you! Question: “What is the best… Read More »

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