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So many people struggle with their weight and hop from diet to diet without any real results. Hi, I'm Samantha, and I'm a Registered Dietitian who helps people finally break free from the diet cycle forever and still lose weight while looking and feeling amazing. Book a Free Consultation with me today! Click the Book Appointment Button and schedule a time that works for you!"

Nutrition and Behavior

While there is a lot about nutrition that is “knowledge”- i.e., the knowledge to eat one food over another due to it’s health benefits, I believe that 90% of healthy eating and nutrition is behavior, goal setting, and self control. You can 100% know for sure that an apple is better for you than a […]

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Phosphate Additives

Something I have recently decided to do is change jobs. I love my current job, but I will have more time with my family taking a new job closer to home. In doing some research for my new role, I came across an article about phosphate additives. It was an article sourced in the NIH, […]

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Anti Fad Diet RD

5 Rules for Avoiding Fad Diets There is nothing that drives Dietitians crazier than fad diets! The consequences may be very poor in that you will not see results, or you will lose weight and gain it right back. Fad diets do very little good. They discourage would-be healthy lifestyle converts. Most of the time […]

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