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So many people struggle with their weight and hop from diet to diet without any real results. Hi, I'm Samantha, and I'm a Registered Dietitian who helps people finally break free from the diet cycle forever and still lose weight while looking and feeling amazing. Book a Free Consultation with me today! Click the Book Appointment Button and schedule a time that works for you!"

Food and Feelings Flowsheet

Hi! Long time no see. You may have noticed it’s been a full.three.years since I’ve posted. A lot has happened. I’ve had another child (I’m a mother of THREE!). We’ve moved back to our home town. (Woo hoo!) I’ve redesigned the site to reflect who I am now. I look back on some of my […]

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Healthy Crab Cake Recipe

  UPDATE: I tried this recipe with canned crab meat and it DID NOT WORK. The original below is with fresh crab meat which is more moist. If you use canned crab meat, you may need to add more binders (eggs, mayo, etc.). Carry on! ORIGINAL POST: You may be asking yourself: are crab cakes […]

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Salisbury Steak With Mushrooms Recipe

Salisbury steak is one of my favorite things to make for several reasons. First of all, I can get this recipe finished completely in less than 30 minutes. Secondly, if I forgot to thaw out the ground beef, I can easily thaw it out using the microwave or cold water method in 3 minutes or […]

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Cups

I hardly ever make even “healthy” desserts because I know myself and I know my small amount of self control that I have. If I make a dessert I have a hard time not eating the whole thing. Because of this, lately I just stay away. These peanut butter cups are no different. They are […]

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Vitamin D, Osteoporosis Vitamin? Or Something Else?

Vitamin D…is it the new Calcium? There’s no question that your body needs Calcium AND vitamin D to make strong bones, but I’ve seen some health care professionals recommend that we ALL take calcium supplements, especially after menopause, to prevent bones from becoming brittle. The issue is, recently studies have shown that the supplemental calcium […]

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