Screw Doctor Oz

By | September 5, 2013

*warning warning warning* tirade coming…


Screw Doctor Oz. I try really hard to see the good in everyone, but I have to look really hard to find  positive influences caused by him. If I have to hear one. more. patient. say anything similar to “….but Doctor OZ SAYS….” I might explode. Let me ask you some questions.

When did doctors become experts in nutrition? The day they took one nutrition class in medical school, maybe two? Or was it when they started giving advice not knowing what they are talking about? 

Famous doctors tend to cause more damage to people’s points of views than ANYONE. Doctor Oz. “The Doctors”. SCREW THEM. Stop listening to them! They have absolutely no evidence behind what they are saying! It is FURTHER than a stretch, it is almost as bad as out-right lying.

You know who knew more about nutrition than Doctor Oz? Your friggin’ great-grandmother. SHE knew nutrition. She fed her family right, partially because they didn’t have all that processed junk that we have today. She took home economics… EVERYONE should take home economics. I bet you Doctor Oz didn’t take it. No Freaking Wonder.

Let me just run it down for you, so we all understand these things clearly. NUTRITION and HEALTH is about what you put into your mouth that goes into your body. Make people should worry a little bit less about what supplement to try next and a little bit more about what FOODS to eat every day. WHOLE. FOODS. 

Garcinia Cambodia or whatever the heck it’s called is crap.

Raspberry ketones are crap.

Recommending that people eat fruit only on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning is COMPLETE CRAP. 

That is just a small sampling of the flagrant misinformation he spouts regularly. 

Stop listening to Doctor Oz. See a Dietitian. Change your habits for real. No pill is going to fix it. No magical diet. No multi-colored, wonder-drug. YOU have to fix it. YOU.


Thanks for letting me rant.


Edited to add: Since this very much is a “content-less” post, and lest you fear that your brains are going to shrink from reading it, here are some studies that prove my points: – Hydroxycitric acid, the active component of Garcinia Cambodia, failed to produce a significant weight loss when compared to placebo. – large doses of the CRAP might actually harm your testes if you’re a male! Who knows what else it’s doing… – doesn’t burn fat, might help with cholesterol, but then again so do whole grains, fatty fish, olive oil, the Mediterranean diet, not eating tons of fast food/animal saturated fat/refined oils…I can pick which one I’d chose. And it’s not swallowing some refined originally-might-have-been-a-fruit pill every day.

onto Raspberry Ketones: – if you’re a rat and you’re very obese, you might see some changes for the better in your liver with Raspberry Ketones…I suppose this is a positive, but then again the rats were fed very high fat diets which made them obese, and then given high fat diets with Raspberry Ketones, which made their liver slightly better looking than the obese rats with high fat diets and without Raspberry Ketones…I am pretty sure I would not want to be either one of those rat groups. – here is an in vitro study on Raspberry Ketones which shows some interesting stuff, but hardly any proof. – study participants were given a combination of Raspberry Ketones, caffeine, capsaicin, garlic, ginger and Citrus aurantium, in ADDITION TO A DIET AND EXERCISE PROGRAM. This is very important. They were compared to a placebo group, and did fare better overall; but who knows what component caused that – probably the caffeine which is a proven thermogenic. Maybe it’s the combination of them all! I am still not endorsing Raspberry Ketones.


I couldn’t find any other relevant studies, so if you find one, please enlighten me! Thank you!


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One thought on “Screw Doctor Oz

  1. Jennifer Beeman

    I agree! So well said…I absolutely love going to my nutritionist she is insightful, and teaches not just jumps on every fad bandwagon. Do I always like what she says? NO WAY! When she told me I could eat 150 carbs a day or get an insulin pump was I happy! NO but, you know what I am healthy now I don’t have to worry about type 2 diabetes and yes at her urging I get my but up and eat a healthy breakfast and then workout! Yes Workout! Because that is what healthy people do they eat sensibly within reason, unprocessed foods, and work out. I find that it is benefiting my whole family and the smartest thing I ever heard was if the food you are about to eat didn’t exist when your great grandmother was alive then don’t eat it!! Ugh but I do love a treat once a month! We make homemade ice cream and guess what that did exist when great grandma was alive!


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