The Ultimate Guide To Going Paleo



There’s no doubt that the Paleo diet is one of the better ones out there and I have had clients who have gotten FANTASTIC results on it. The truth is that some people just cannot tolerate grains, legumes and dairy, and there’s really no nutrient in them that you can’t get elsewhere. Because there are a bunch of Paleo bloggers out there who have already done a lot of work and research, I decided to gather together some of those articles I’ve enjoyed and agreed with to make it easy for someone who’s just starting out with this diet. Note that not all Paleo bloggers are strict Paleo, and some, like Chris Kresser, advocate for traditionally prepared grains, legumes, and grass-fed dairy, at least in those who can tolerate them after trying an elimination diet for 30 days. Happy reading!

1. The Story on Fat

2. Getting Rid of Grains

3. Meal Plans and Recipes

4. Grass-fed is Greatest

5. Organ Meat Matters

6. Top Paleo Bloggers

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