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So many people struggle with their weight and hop from diet to diet without any real results. Hi, I'm Samantha, and I'm a Registered Dietitian who helps people finally break free from the diet cycle forever and still lose weight while looking and feeling amazing. Book a Free Consultation with me today! Click the Book Appointment Button and schedule a time that works for you!"

5 Things I Learned when I started Running

The following post is by guest blogger Helene Choo over at the HC Lifestyle Blog! So happy to have her guest posting – she is an emerging leader in the health and lifestyle industry! You can check her out over at Check out her Bio at the bottom of the page! I started running in […]

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A Healthy Relationship Between Food and Happiness

Food, at least for me, is happiness. I look forward to nearly every meal. I plan them out in advance. When I go nearly anywhere, I always look up the restaurants in the area and start browsing the restaurant selection in preparation for my foodie journey. I absolutely love food. That’s one of the reasons […]

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There are two types of eaters

When I first started doing nutrition counseling several years ago, I quickly found out that most of my clients fit neatly into one of two categories. Now, I don’t usually like to put people into pigeon holes or into boxes and tell one to go here and the other to go there. That’s not what […]

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If it were easy, everyone would do it.

If mindful eating were easy, everyone would do it. If mindful eating were easy, we’d have a population of people at healthy weights. If mindful eating and eating what your body naturally requires were easy, we wouldn’t have 68.8% of the population, or more than 2/3 of ALL AMERICANS, designated as overweight or obese. If […]

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Why Meal Plans Don’t Often Work

Recently, in a focus group of mine, I asked a few members whether or not they had ever been on a diet or a meal plan. Almost everyone had. I also asked if the members had struggled with emotional eating. Almost everyone has. I see this with individual clients, too. Many of them have tried […]

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