Going Gluten and Dairy Free

Gluten and dairy free pizza made by my wonderful husband today.
Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza made by my wonderful husband today

Gluten and dairy free salad I made today for lunch since I didn't know what else to have.
Gluten and dairy free salad I made today for lunch since I didn’t know what else to have.

Today is officially Day #3 of Gluten and Dairy Free per the guidance of my Gastroenterologist (MD), “The GI Guy”, he calls himself, which is pretty funny – but he’s really an awesome doctor. I had always suspected that maybe I had some kind of intolerance to something…but I never knew what. I didn’t want to just randomly start cutting things out without consulting a physician of some kind, so I waited for my appointment with this GI doctor. In the past I have been told things like “you need to exercise more”, or “you need to start eating better”, or “you probably just have a nervous stomach”…yeah. Okay. I remember when I was a kid in high school going into the shower and nearly crying with stomach pains while letting the water run over my belly to try to soothe the pain a while.

Things eased up when I got to college and got really into nutrition, but it never totally went away. I would always have some kind of severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea. Something. Then, recently, it started coming back a bit. I think it’s because with kids, there’s always the easy way out for dinner- pick up something on the way home. Invariably, this would lead to me in the shower or sitting in the bathroom wishing I had just not eaten that chicken wing.

In any case, something needed to be done. So I scheduled my appointment and waited. And just like that, he said “just cut it out”. What? You mean I can just cut it out? I had always heard to “wait for a definitive diagnosis”, and “test for everything imaginable”. Not this time, though. This time I had a physician who listened to me, talked to me like a person and not an annoying figment with some sort of made-up problem, and then came to a conclusion. Granted there are still more tests to be done, he’s not letting me off THAT easy. He has to make sure I don’t have Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s, or any other annoying and chronic illness. But in the mean time, I am cutting out Gluten and Dairy.

The strange thing is, I do feel better already, this is Day 3. Whether that is the placebo effect or not, I don’t know. The stranger thing is, the more I research (you know me), the more I see links everywhere. I have already previously been diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroidism. Hashimoto’s Disease, which is an autoimmune hypothyroidism, is linked with Celiac Disease (see here). There is suspicion, although I do not have a definitive source other than the word of a random quote from a gastroenterologist I don’t know (see here and take with a grain of salt), that Celiac is linked to PCOS.

It is possible that my body has been trying to tell me this for years. It’s been saying, “There’s something wrong! Just stop feeding me something I can’t handle! Stop giving me something I will react to!” I know there is still more to be seen as to whether gluten and dairy will really do it. It is still possible I have Chron’s or Ulcerative Colitis, in which case, there is no easy way out or “fast fix” like cutting out gluten. They are both autoimmune in some ways, though, so maybe that would create a link anyway.

I hope this continues to work though. I do feel much better.

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