Healthy Crab Cake Recipe


UPDATE: I tried this recipe with canned crab meat and it DID NOT WORK. The original below is with fresh crab meat which is more moist. If you use canned crab meat, you may need to add more binders (eggs, mayo, etc.). Carry on!

ORIGINAL POST: You may be asking yourself: are crab cakes healthy?! Well, that depends. A lot of restaurants make them with a bunch of processed ingredients and white flour bread crumbs and all sorts of things, so definitely check before you order them out; however, if you make crab cakes at home (which is really easy and fun!), you can be SURE they are healthy, especially if you use my recipe below ;). They are also delicious:



The texture is fabulous. Just like a regular crab cake made with bread crumbs. 



Here’s the recipe:

[yumprint-recipe id=’12’]

2 thoughts on “Healthy Crab Cake Recipe”

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  2. Even though I live in Minnesota, your recipes read quite tasty, and the information on healthy eating is valid where-ever one lives!
    Thank you!

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