Phosphate Additives

Something I have recently decided to do is change jobs. I love my current job, but I will have more time with my family taking a new job closer to home. In doing some research for my new role, I came across an article about phosphate additives. It was an article sourced in the NIH, published by Dr. Eberhard Ritz, and it is a review of current literature about how phosphate additives are linked with heart disease. I already knew this about people who sufferfrom chronic kidney disease; however, the amazing thing is the article suggested with current research that phosphate additives lead to heart disease even in people WITHOUT kidney disease! Shocking!! The previous school of thought was that phosphate additives are just excreted by the kidneys in healthy people. While it is true that your “serum phosphorus” or the phosphorus in your blood will not increase due to the kidney’s excretion process, apparently it upregulates a couple of hormones, parathyroid hormone and FGF-23. These can indicate too much phosphate intakes before serum phosphorus even goes out of the normal range! This is all very fascinating, but the main point is something I believe can be proven over and over again with different studies and different facts: processed foods are horrible for you! How many ways does that have to be proven before people get the idea?! I don’t really know. I do know that I will probably always have a job though. What do you all think?


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