Welcome to Nutrition to Fruition! I have been through a lot in the past decade, and I want to share my expertise and experiences with you. If you’ve never met me before, my name’s Samantha. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have three* beautiful children who keep me going. Also, I happen to be a dietitian who has gone through a lot of food issues personally. This is me now:


I haven’t always been so confident and radiant of healthfulness. In fact, I used to look rather sickly. Ouch:




(I could provide you a TON more examples but I think that I’ve embarrassed myself enough! )

I had stomach pain, these HORRIBLE, DARK circles under my eyes that everyone noticed right away, an extra 20 pounds hanging out all over, especially in my belly and my face and neck, and terrible adult acne which I could never seem to hide with enough concealer. This was NOT what my young adult years were SUPPOSED to look like, I would always think to myself, but they did. I slept over 10 hours a night and still felt tired. I knew something had to change, so I consulted with a professional, and then decided within a few months of working with her, that I would like to journey toward becoming a health professional myself. And so I went through the Nutrition program at UNC Chapel Hill. I’ve had quite a few ups and downs since then. It hasn’t all been roses and butterflies, but I have made steady progress toward health. I finally feel up to DOING things, experiencing life. That coupled with my health education can help me to counsel compassionately and put you on a similar path to healthfulness and radiance. Those I counsel always point out that I am non-judgmental and will take a journey with you wherever you are now and one step at a time. That’s because I’ve been there, too, and I know that pain.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels with dieting like I was, or you have a chronic condition and don’t understand what you can and can’t eat, I can help you figure it out.  I am a fully licensed Registered Dietitian and can help you with the following conditions/diets:

– Renal/Kidney Disease

– Heart Disease or High Cholesterol

– Sports Nutrition

– Allergies or Intolerances

-Elimination Diet

-Weight Loss


-Pediatric or Adolescent Nutrition



-Veganism or Vegetarianism

-GI (Gastrointestinal) Disorders

-Paleo Diet

-Gluten-Free Diet

-Wheat-Free Diet

I am very flexible with scheduling, and I am available via Skype as well as in-person for those in the greater Charlotte, NC area. Sessions are conducted in-home, at the grocery store, or at another location of your choice. Email me or complete the form below to get more information.

I am working on getting insurance coverage, but it is quite a long process. For now, if your insurance covers MNT, I can give you a receipt for services rendered which you can then file with your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Services offered:

Initial Counseling Session

During your Initial Session, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your current eating habits, and you will receive a full analysis of your nutritional intake and specific, goal-oriented steps that you can take to change your diet for the better. Sessions are individualized and based on the goals that you communicate to me prior to your session. Included in this price is a 1-week meal plan and grocery list detailing exactly what foods to buy and including recipes. This is individualized based on your food preferences, allergies, and tolerances.

Grocery Store Tour and Shop

This popular package puts you, me, and your family if you choose, all together in a grocery store or market of your choice to review your food choices and go over better options for making meals for your family at home or for snacking on-the-go. This tour can include more than one grocery store if time allows. During this time, we will also review label-reading and ingredients to avoid. I will show you how to choose foods that are healthy whether they have a label or not. This plan also includes an individualized meal plan based on your food preferences including recipes and a shopping list.

Follow-up Session

During a follow-up session, we will meet together to talk about how successful you have been at meeting the goals we set during our Initial Counseling Session or Grocery Store Tour and Shop. We will adjust the plan as necessary and continue to set goals for the future. Meeting at least once a month is recommended until you feel comfortable with your new lifestyle and diet. That way, you aren’t tempted to slip back into old habits and you have someone to hold you accountable to the goals we’ve set together.

Blog or Article Writing Services

If you enjoy my blog posts, consider hiring me to write articles or blog on your website! 

Group Sessions

Cost varies greatly depending on the number of people attending and the length of the session. Whether it is for your extended family or for you and your  co-workers, rest assured I will train your group how to make appropriate food choices no matter the circumstances. Group Sessions are not individualized for the sake of privacy.

Lunch and Learn Session

Lunch and Learns and Corporate Wellness are absolutely one of my FAVORITE thing to do! If you own a company or corporation, your employees would benefit from learning a little bit about nutrition. Imagine if your workforce rarely got sick and came to work with energy, ready to tackle the tasks you’ve hired them to do! These days, it seems like someone is always sick, tired, or has low energy. Nutrition can change these symptoms for your workforce and make sure they are as productive as possible. Sessions usually last 1 hour. Will provide catered lunch for additional cost (bought from reputable, nutritious companies). Choose from a variety of presentations including:

– Healthy Eating on the Go

– Nutrition 101: What are nutrients?

– A Heart Healthy Diet

– Sugar and Your Metabolism

– All About Fat: Are Low-Fat Diets Safe?

-Label Reading Introduction: Processing a Processed Food World

Or choose your own!

Please fill out the following form to get a personalized quote:



* I have updated this recently because I just had a new baby in 2017! I can’t believe I’m a mother of 3 now!


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