Stop Fighting over What’s Healthy!

What is a healthy diet? The truth is, there is no exclusive “healthy” diet that works for everyone. Yes, there are protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, and mineral requirements. These needs need to be met. There are a number of different healthy ways to meet these needs, however. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Clean Eating, versions of Paleo or Primal (as long as you don’t try to avoid carbohydrates¬†altogether!), and many many other eating styles are healthy and adequate.

Some of the most remarkable and interesting studies done are on the Native Alaskan diet. They eat mostly mammals and sea animals – huge amounts of saturated fat! However, their risk of chronic disease is significantly low! While it is thought that this is due in part to their large consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, the point is this: If you are eating natural, clean foods, you are probably doing great, and better than most! I wish these different sectors of eating styles would stop fighting and start supporting each other. If we support each other and educate the public on what is truly unhealthy – i.e., fast food, processed foods, refined grains, etc., then maybe we can make some traction together. I don’t believe the people who should be fighting are the ones who are at the lowest risk for chronic disease!

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