There are two types of eaters

When I first started doing nutrition counseling several years ago, I quickly found out that most of my clients fit neatly into one of two categories.

Now, I don’t usually like to put people into pigeon holes or into boxes and tell one to go here and the other to go there. That’s not what this is about.

However, when I noticed this I found that I could actually help people discover their self awareness by exploring whether or not they fit into one of these two categories.

I did find that not EVERYONE fit neatly into these categories – some were a combination of both.

Knowing which category you are for which foods is very important in making a plan and realizing whether or not you will follow it. Ready to know the categories? Here we go.

Category A

The First category of people I counseled, when we got toward avoiding certain food products that were less healthy and counseling people to go toward healthier choices, decided they were no longer going to buy X, Y and Z. These people realized that when they didn’t buy it, didn’t have it around, didn’t even think about having it anywhere near them, they were able to function normally and forget about their cravings.

This category of people is able to move past a craving if they don’t have said item. They are able to push it aside and continue on with their day and not worry about it. However, if they do happen upon this item or buy it at the grocery store, it usually results in a binge. Once they are in contact with the item that they crave, they end up going hog-wild and eating all of it. Thus, this type of person ends up trying to avoid getting into situations where they would be in contact with the item, i.e., avoid the break room where there might be donuts.

Category B

This particular category of people NEEDS to have a small amount of whatever item they are craving; once they have that small amount, they forget about the craving and are able to move on with their lives.

If they do not have the item they are craving, they will think about it and maybe part of the next day and the rest of the week, until they get to the point that they might binge on it. 

Thus, they have realized if they just satisfy their craving and have a tiny.itty.bitty bite right now, they will forget about their craving and be able to move on with their lives, because they have scratched that itch, so to speak.


I have found a few clients who are combination of both. Some are Category A for one food and Category B for another. For example, I know a person who will eat an entire bag of gummy bears if it’s around, but they can have just once piece of chocolate and satisfy the craving.


So which category are you? I am totally in category A. Once I have a few bites – it’s over. I’ll eat the whole thing. I can easily down an entire bag of cookies. So I just don’t buy cookies and I try to avoid being around cookies. Everyone is different – and likewise you have to figure out which coping mechanisms work for you.

Comment below and tell me which camp you’re in. I’m in camp A. Camp B, let me know how you do it! I CANNOT just eat a few bites of something and be fine. I will think about it the rest of the day until I have the whole thing. That’s just me, though.

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Take care!

1 thought on “There are two types of eaters”

  1. I am a monstrous combination. I crave comfort food when I am stressed and I am stressed most of the time, so in order to curb myself, I simply don’t buy chocolate and cake etc.

    At work, we are offered cake every Wednesday and Friday, and even though I sit with all of them, I don’t eat any. So I can stop myself when I see the food, it’s just those days when I am feeling down and I convince myself that chocolate will make it all better.

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